People #waitingintherain
#shopkeeper  (at MTA Subway - Clark St (2/3))
I’m not ok with it getting dark at 7 and the cold and rainy need to wear pants vibe. #itsstillsummer people! #summervibes #notoveryet (at Union Square Farmers Market)
#groms #scootergirls #downundertheoverpass  (at Brooklyn Bridge)
#downundertheoverpass #pigeon (at Brooklyn Bridge)
#offercompasiontoallchildren #showrespectallthetime #brooklynbridge (at Brooklyn Bridge)
#stretchhummer #alwaysparkedhere #thisfuckingguy #hasitonlockdown (at Brooklyn Bridge Park & Carousel)
#afterparty #undertheoverpass #tropicaldreams #crushedaviators (at Brooklyn Bridge)
Brick with twine. Stump with fungus.
OMG, they put it in a bottle?! 2 more glasses should get me through Bathtime, teeth brushing and a Rainbow Fairy book. Thanks @kirbypulv Jaquie for the bottle, you really shouldn’t have, but yes we opened and drank it pretty much immediately. Good times today though, it was really fun regardless of what the kids say. 😩😆
Happy Birthday K, I hope 9 is amazing! What, you don’t eat #icecreamforbreakfast on your birthday? Well you should! #redplate #tradition
So the story goes that when I was four, if you asked me how old I was I would say “I am 4, but next year I will be 5 and I will go to kindergarten and be a big kid and learn how to read”. So, when the day came and I came home from my first day of kindergarten and my mom asked me how it went I said ” it was ok, we talked about colors and shapes and I already know that stuff and we didn’t learn how to read” my mom cushioned my disappointment by presenting me with a red plate at dinner time. She explained that this red plate was special and different and that you got to use it only if something very special happened to you that day. It was just a red plastic plate, but it was different from the other plates, and if it was your birthday or you got an A on your report card, when you sat down to dinner it would be waiting for you at your place setting. On it’s off days the red plate sat on a high shelf and no one used it. It was magical. So, the other day, a few days before K’s 9th birthday I received a package in the mail, I opened it to find this red plate. No note or explanation whatsoever, but I knew what it was immediately. I told K the story when I served her breakfast pancakes on it. After breakfast I secretly overheard her  whispering to the plate “I love you red plate, and I think you might be magical.” Happy Birthday K, I hope you have a magical year, and thanks mom for reminding me how wonderful and important a simple tradition can be. #redplate #tradition
at church of god victory
at Brooklyn Museum