at Prospect Park
#elmo is off his meds.  (at 42st Times Square)
#hellokitty : “Just hand over the fifty or the mouse is going to stab you with the steak knife in her sock” (at 42st Times Square)
#garbagepailkids #bikemod (at Brooklyn Public Library)
Mad Max meets Kiki Smith on the high seas. @swoonhq  (at Brooklyn Museum)
It’s the last weekend for Swoon’s installation @brooklynmuseum . If you haven’t seen it you should really get your butt down there, it’s wonderfull, amazing, and a bit overwhelming in a good way. Impossible to photograph. Robinson Caruso gypsy sea craft and giant repurposed foliage. Like all good art it transports the viewer and sticks in your mind like something sweet and addictive. @swoonhq  (at Brooklyn Museum)
Ever scroll through the feed of things you #liked ? #likes
"Sorry dada, I’m running out of space here, I’m going to have to make you kinda short. " #stuffkidsdraw
Gonna go down to #atlanticavenue #brooklyn (at SUBWAY)
"Now everybody’s happy" #nyc #lookingforlove (at New Pizzatown 2)
#fuel #nyc
#cheapbling #onblast (at Bourough Hall)
Best cheap bling in Downtown BK #allthatglittersisnotgold (at Bourough Hall)